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May Day in Mendocino..tales from Beltane


I had a cool encounter the other day at the Beltane celebration down at the beach in Mendocino. I was heading up the footpath back up to town, and I was a bit distracted by thoughts and devices A woman stops me as I am walking by..”help me pick up this garbage that people dropped”…Feeling kind of sheepish for not having already noticed and volunteered, I start helping..”I am an anarchist” she remarks out of the blue. I perked up.”hey , me Happy May Day!” Given that she was about a generation older than me, I joked. “If you are over forty like us, and still call yourself an anarchist, then you probably really are one,” 

She said “yeah well, I am sixty five…I am not all into violence, just the natural if you see garbage, pick it up…not because of city ordinance 55642j, but because it’s the right thing to do!” I agreed with the righteousness, and timeliness of her analogy.. she then proceeded to teach me an ancient breathing technique for hill walking, and had me sample a couple edible plants that were growing along the path as we talked politics and ecology until she met up with her kids and grand kids. 

made my May Day complete and reminded me how i dig the radical elders. ..the hold outs, so to speak,,they have knowledge that provides continuity and context, and they provide rare examples of not giving in or selling out, and they probably don’t get the appreciation they deserve,,,they do it because it’s right, and that’s where it’s at. much thanks, and respect to all my elders and teachers, and mentors. of course I am pretty much right there at elder hood with you all at this point,,


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