Road rants and tales of brokeness

Rainshine Intergalactic


I have been having a lot of time to muse on the road back and forth between the east bay and Mendocino county as I transition to living in two places at once, in an attempt to be involved with both my kids lives, and eek out some kind of non traditional money making ritual.  At times I have had to hitchhike, and take public transportation to get back and forth, as my car reality is shaky.  When  I am driving, I sometimes travel with friends and comrades, and oftentimes one or both the kids are riding with me, or lately hitch hikers who I have made a habit of picking up whenever possible.  But usually I am on my own, alone with my thoughts, the radio, and the sights which range from stunning natural beauty, to grotesque human uglification of reality.  It a lot of food for thought, and…

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