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The End of nationalism…the time has come..

Something I have been wondering about lately. Why is so little discussion of the destructive nature of nationalism on human society? We see much discussion of the ills of racism, and how race is a social construct that divides us, and the even talk of an eventual “color blind” society, yet we never hear people talking about how nation states, and thus national “identities” are also social constructs, that are fundamentally designed to divide us. In fact, nationalism logically leads to fascism and ethnic hatreds, as we are seeing again in Europe, and other places. We also, when discussing economics, hear a lot of anti capitalist discussion,yet it is always framed within the context an internal struggle in each separate nation, despite the fact that capitalism functions outside the rules and confines of the nation state game. Nationalism only serves to justify global inequality, and strengthen those in power, even as they abandon their own “citizens”. Similarly, environmental problems are global in nature, but are dealt with nation by nation, which is ineffective and potentially catastrophic (as we are seeing in Japan). Clearly clinging to the nation state model is bringing us close to destruction, and can’t address the needs of future generations. Shouldn’t we be weening ourselves off our addiction to our national identities, and towards some more universal?