A letter to Oakland’s striking workers

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Oakland, California

Posted by Oakland Strikes

A letter to Oakland’s striking workers,

This Monday, BART workers, Oakland city workers and potentially some AC
Transit drivers will strike. Our first reaction to this news is to rally up
solidarity, come out to the streets and flex our muscle with a huge show
of force. Together we can shut down the city. After all, the workers
struggle is our struggle for we are workers too.

But let’s be clear about a few things. The 99% is a myth. An illusion that
needs shattering; we’re not a monolithic body of people with identical
struggles. The poor, unemployed and precarious class struggle is connected
but not the same as that of the folks with jobs, pensions, and private
health care. We take these symptoms of austerity seriously, but you need
to recognize that while we talk about what your life looks like tomorrow,

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