What is America doing that it shouldn’t? Pt1

YU Lead

There are a lot of problems in America that we Americans can’t seem to fix like drug addiction, education, or even minimum wage. The topic i want to discuss today is drug addiction. In one country, drug addiction is cut in half. “We decriminalized all drugs and treat addiction as a public health issue instead of a crime.”

Ten years after the decriminalization of all drugs, Portugal’s drug abuse has been reduced by half. Turns out it is much cheaper and more effective for medical experts and psychologists to treat drug addicts than it would be to run them through the legal system.

What I can’t seem to understand is, why is drug addiction treated as a crime here in the U.S.?  Me personally, I believe every drug related problem can easily be treated more appropriately other than something to be punished over. There is no problem at all to give someone help…

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