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Before Prop 37: the ongoing poisoning of the young, black and poor


This rant about Prop37 and the original War against Food for the Poor, started because I lost a really good thought when I suddenly I remembered another lost thought, which replaced the other good thought.  I hope it comes back, but the remembered thought is good too and figured I better save it since I am losing thoughts so easy, and so here it is….

I worked as a substitute teacher and as a regular teacher in the Oakland Unified and West Contra Costa School District for many years, in some of the poorest hoods, and most neglected schools in the local Hood.  My unscientific observation, having seen a lot of “food” consumed by our kids, is that kids in poor schools, from poor neighborhoods in the East Bay have crappy food options, and generally eat a mainly corner store diet, with some items that would make GMO food almost seem real and gourmet. And vegetables, real or otherwise?  A rarity.  A green leafy, fresh vegetable?  Fuhgeddabout it… We are rightly outraged at the prop 37 results because we are unable to make an informed decision about what we eat because of our corporate corruptors. But in many local neighborhoods most of these kids don’t even have a choice about what they eat.  Because of poverty, isolation, neglect and ongoing corporate criminal profiteering, there are few to zero alternatives (unless things have changed drastically in the last couple years)…

Young kids are not educated, and in some cases literate, enough to study labels to even know what they are ingesting and then make healthy choices. For many healthy choices don’t exist. We lovers of healthy food don’t need to be taught why GMO and devitalized foods in general are bad.  Instincts alone, tell us that bad food leads to physical AND mental ailments. It is safe also to assume that kids are most harmed by toxic, fake food, and ill health follows many of those who grow up eating the manufactured swill that is pedaled in the hood as food. I bet the farm that much of the mayhem we see in the poor hoods is partially diet related. It turns out that poor kids need food too…Truth is, many of the fake food outfits should be boycotted out of business….I say this as a candy addict with less than great habits. And also as someone who, due to money and transportation limitations, sometimes buys some of the fake,” poor folks” food products that are sold even in stores in my semi yuppie neighborhood. You can taste the difference. Fake cheese and peanut butter with waxy texture and taste, just like the old-time government commodities that they used to give us in the 70’s.  Fake food is doctored, and drugged to help sell units to us lab rats. What do they care what poor folks eat?  There is always cake right?

But I grew up in a place where organic was the rule.  I have had choices, and still have choices, even when I am poor, and my experiences tell me this is not the case for many of the poorest poor, and others trapped in certain areas. We all seem to agree quite strongly that we want to eat real food.  The Prop 37 vote affirmed our belief that Real, Natural, food is a human right. Food for humans is pretty much our main gig here on planet Earth. So if the system can’t feed everyone quite well, then it is a bad system. IPods, but no food?  C’mon son! Bad systems lead to sick, sad, stunted societies, with anti-health, garbage pile worshiping tendencies…Some may actually think that  poor folks should eat merely as a way to earn more profits for what our corporate swindlers.  You can bet they are surely old money, crooked and ignorant, They are probably in some cases, Jim Crow, Slavery era money groupings of immoral profiteers,  who pretend that they are “feeding” people with their nutritional experiments.  Do poor folks not need real food?  Perhaps they should be happy to live on Cheetos and soda, and whatever new chemical hustle is inflicted on those who have no array of Organic grocers, nor the funds to purchase healthy products.  I am stealing from my old African Holistic Health book, but poor black folks, and most probably other poor folks to some degree, have been victimized by chemical warfare, and generational poisoning to where it is almost like we aren’t allowed to be fully functional and in position to fulfill our greatest dreams.  With good nutritional food, great health and clarity, and liveliness follow.

So I think that I can speak for many when I say… Let us all live healthy and free.  Let us grow our own gardens, raise animals, plant fruit and berries plentifully.  Let us take care of ourselves without legal roadblocks for corporate benefit.   End this food war and withdraw the invading corporate armies with their arsenal of toxic products from the corner stores in the hood.  Rebuild the idea of nightly, or daily village, markets, for the purpose of starting of a farmer’s market economy.   Not a money market Ponzi scheme society for the enrichment of amoral carpetbagger profiteers. Bad food tastes..well yucky, and makes you dull, and money is not good eats either. Food is freedom.  Food is life, Food is love. We all need love in this world.  It is not just about GMO’s and labels for the middle class. The War on Food has been in motion since before Reagan and his Ketchup. And now we forced to vote on whether we can know what we are eating, a true insult to our sovereign human rights. “Umm…We humbly request that you corporate profiteers tell us if you are using extra poison in our food…Thanks”. And we lost! .WTF!!…So let’s think beyond prop 37 and fight for food for all. Real food, not the fraud food that is perpetrated by the plastic people. GMO is not the only or the first weapon they set loose on us.   And please remember that in the hood, corporate “faux food” steals community health and wealth, kills poor kids slowly by denying needed nutritional fuel, and defers dreams forever.

Author, Zappa Montag


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