Life is Radical, and so are you

The situation that we find ourselves in ain’t no joke.  Hurtling through space, on a journey that started before time, and that will never end.   Our puny existence, with it’s mundane and sometimes pointless human rituals, is so precarious, and so precious, and so imprecise, so on the edge and sometimes exhilarating.  It’s some radical, crazy, beautiful terrifying thing to be alive.  Life is not liberal, and it definitely ain’t conservative. Nope, life a radical dream all the way, to where?

At this time, you probably might be wondering why I have ranted this rant, and if I have a point? Well, I do!  The point is that we are all radicals, living on the edge, completely insane as our existence is pure unexplainable madness that we must pretend makes total sense.  The one small consolation to all of this, however, is that you could write a radical piece of self expression and submit it to the Oakland Radicals blog, and possibly alter the entire set up just by getting the right person to chuckle at the right moment, about any old random tidbit, which could lead to some unimaginable chain of events. …..Now that is power my friends.

So please accept your radicalness, and write something with us.  Or at the very least, praise, question, or even ridicule the efforts of those who do post their thoughts here.  Oakland Radicals is a site dedicated to radical, you , and you, and all of your friends, and the rest of yous.  If you aren’t from Oakland, but you feel the spirit of Oakland Radicalism coursing through your veins, then you are all good.  All radical perspectives are welcome here, but you gotta be radically respectful too. Golden Rules for Radicals are in effect.  Be profound, be absurd, be overly intellectual, or uniquely creative.  Do your thing, but don’t be a radical pain in the butt (unless you really, really, need to).

And despite the lack of much sociopolitical commentary on this rant, Oakland Radicals is a blog that will cover some fairly serious political bull stuff, and respond to the so called “situation on the ground” here in the greater East Bay as issues and events arise.  So try to keep it relatively on topic,.  As this site has been unused for a while, and only briefly previously, I am going to put up a lot of content, much of it preexisting, over the next few days, which might give folks direction or inspiration.  Thus concludes exercise1   Have a radical day or night, and write something for us soon.

written by Zappa Montag

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  1. #1 by Adam Bowen on September 4, 2012 - 11:26 pm

    Hey Zappa, Thanks for the post. I plan to follow the blog. As I read your post after teaching my third grade class for the first day of the new school year I had a thought. It’s pretty radical that parents (for the most part) leave their children, the people most precious (and vulnerable) to them in the hands of (essentially) strangers for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. They trust that those teachers will keep them safe physically and emotionally and teach them what they need to know to function in our society. I am proud, as I’m sure you are, that I am entrusted with this job. I try to never push any political or social agendas on the kids because that is not my place but I like to think that I promote independent thought and critical thinking. Public education may not sound radical on the surface but in many ways I think it is. Keep it real Zappa. I always enjoy reading what you have to write.

    Adam Bowen

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